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The new regulation regarding pool contructions in Sardinia.

In 2019 Regione Sardegna (the Sardinian administration) has published new regulations garding swimmingpools construction, maintenance and hygiene standards.

Here are the sources of information needed (Delibera and Linee Guida) where you will find the following attachments:

  • allegato 1: waters characteristics and environmental hygienic requirements for swimming pools ruled by the current guidelines;
  • allegato 2: specific guidelines for the different swimming pools types;
  • allegato 2: formative courses for the professional worker in swimming pools building

Accomodation facilities are settled into the A Cathegory, Group A2.2. For the pool system management they have to appoint a specific reference crew, that will represents in the self-monitoring plan:

  • the swimmingpool manager
  • the technological equipment operator
  • bathers lifeguard