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There are different kind of pre-fabricated pools.

piscina-prefabbricataThe technologies available for the realization of a swimmingpool have different features with respective pros and cons. Nowadays this type of pool has earned a high level of reliability and has become more widespread, expecially because construction time and costs are reduced. You have more freedom of design the pool thanks to the forefront construction techniques at our disposal. Their structure is made by panels of different dimentions and materials, such as concrete or metal, which will be custom shaped and coated. A pre-fabricated pool can be easily placed in small areas or in treacherous terrains as well.

A list of the different pre-fabricated pools according to the materials:

  • pre-fabricated made of reinforced concrete
  • pre-fabricated made of metallic panels
  • pre-fabricated made of fibreglass


Pre-fabricated made of reinforced concrete

This type of material settles instantly. First we make the bottom floor of the pool and then level it out; then we build the lateral walls by usin pre-fabricated panels, which may be made of different materials:

Pre-fabricated concrete panels: all over the foundation are placed concrete panels connected to one another by a metallic reinforcement, which is hooked up to the bottom floor. The concrete poors inbetween the panels, so as to obtain a smooth inner surface, that can be coated with almost any material.

Load-bearing formwork panels: Modular panels may be made of various materials such as steel, synthesized polystyrene foam, plastic recycled materials or polystyrene, reinforced with iron and fulfilled with a concrete flow, which usually incorporates the formwork.

Pre-fabricated made of metal

This type of pools are built with modular elements made of galvanised steel, stainless-steel or aluminium, allowing a quick and simple laying. Because this materials are light-weight and elastic, the structure itself is light-weight and doesn’t need any additional monitoring or checking the ground of placement. They are really quick to realize, precisely the panels are settled on a reinforced-concrete bottom floor, then bolted to one another and finally the work is completed with beacon lights, water inlets and various accessories. To this point the pool is ready for the coating and a PVC tarpaulin.

Pre-fabricated made of fibreglass

For this kind of pools we use layered polyesters. These fully pre-fabricated structures don’t require an inner coating, are cheaper and very quick in the realization. They have just limited customizing possibilities.