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The water treatment is essential. Since water is a very precious commodity, recycling it is the best way to save it. That is also why we have chosen to define some water treatment procedures, that, in order to make water suitable for the human use, will meet safe chemical and microbiological parameters. These must meet the standard Norm UNI 10637/2015 – Requirement for circulation systems, filtration, disinfection and chemical treatment of the pool water. The paper Conferenza Stato-Regioni del 16 gennaio 2003 defines the quality requirements of introduction and content of the bathing water into the swimmingpool. In accordance with applicable law the water used to fulfill the pool can come from waterworks, a well or a water truck. Potable water is the most suitable choice, thanks to its chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics, which are appropriate for bathing. The one from water truck or well needs to be chemically, physically and bacteriologically tested and, if necessary, it must be treated, so as to make it appropriate for bathing. You may want to know, that a person who bathes for one hour could absorb up to a half liter of water. That is one of the reasons why we consider drinkable water the best choice.

Trattamento dell'acquaSo the potable water inside the swimmingpool should not only be crystalclear: but for the human health safety, it should keep its chemical, physical and bacteriological characteristics from filling till pool discharge. The health safety is guaranteed expecially from a constant check-up of the structure and the parameters.

As a rule, the Norm UNI 10637/2015 defines all the water treatment types, which must work non-stop 24 hours per day. The filtration system guardantees a recycling time, shorter than or equal to, the set range from 1 to 6 hours.

We are talking about essential procedures which include a more specific water treatment to guarantee the suitability of the water for the human use. The water temperature should be maintained around 27 degrees. In fact the water initially poured into the pool becomes suitable for bacterias, thanks to its warm temperature. Moreover people who dive into the swimmingpool can further easily modify the water quality because of factors like sweat, urine, hair, epidermis, sun oil etc. Being the swimmingpool located on the open air, the water contamination is further on helped by rain, wind, leaves as well as bird and other animal types. In any swimmingpool, private or public, you have to keep contamination under control on the basis of the “Bacterial count at 22 and 37 degrees”. This method allows us to verify the quantity of bacterias into the water, the hygenic conditions of the pool and the microorganisms regrowth too.

The quality of water may be influenced by elements such as hardness, pH, temperature, alkalinity and, in case, heavy metals – they are all bound up. The presence of many people into the swimming pool may cause some water evaporation and the parameters mentioned above may be modified easily. That is way you need to introduce new water at regular intervals and to check on them. Here is a list of how the chemical parameters influence the quality of water:

  • Hardness: it is caused by high levels of calcium and magnesium, which might let limescale drop down. That is why water hardness must comply with a settled pH level and temperature, in fact some pools contain a sweetening system.
  • the pH level of the water: it must be within a range of 7.2 – 7.4, within which the best performance of the various chemical treatments has been shown to occur (like chlorination and flocculation), meanwhile water proves to be less aggressive for both bathers and the pool itself.
  • Alcalinity: it must be kept between 80 and 130 ppm. Under the minimum value, water becomes aggressive for bathers; and above the maximum regulating the pH is more difficult.
  • Heavy Metals: particularly Iron, Copper and Manganese might modify the color of the water, but above all can be dangerous for the human health. They must be monitored constantly, even while filling the swimmingpool with well water.

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