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RistrutturazioneTax deductions for your swimmingpool restoration: Did you know that you are entitled to IRPEF1 deductions for building restoration works? Tax concession amounts to 36% of the settled costs, which will be deducted from the income taxable amount. Careful! The percentage was raised up to 50% for expenses made within the 31st of December 2021. That is, if you decide to renew your pool system in the upcoming months, you will be payed back up to the half of the total amount you have payed, for a maximum expence of 96.000€.

Beginning from the 1st of Genuary 2022 – unless an extension is made – the percentage will be that of 36% again, which means the maximum expence refundable is 48.000€.

Which kind of renovation works are included?

The in-ground pool is considered to be an internal part of the dwelling and it is fully entitled to tax relief for renovations. Both aesthetic and functional works are accepted, as long as they are made on a pre-existing swimmingpool. More precisely:

  • Remaking the solarium and poolside pavings
  • Renewing the inner coating
  • Renewing the filtration and water recirculation device systems
  • Installation or renewing of the heating and lighting systems
  • Adding devices like hydromassage or contercurrent swimming

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1 A national italian tax payed on incomes like work, property, capital gains etc.