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Are you dreaming of a swimmingpool in your garden? We know, it is a shared dream for most of us all. A pool is a kind of luxury desire which mostly represents an idea of relax and wellbeing.

So what is the best choice for a pool?

piscine prefabbricate sardegnaKnowing the type of ground where to place the pool is foundamental, if you plan the construction of an in-ground swimming pool. For this type you have to choose the correct materials as well as the type of filtration, which can be a skimmer or an over-flow filtration, together with coatings, realization and operating costs.

Whereas you prefer a prefabricated one we have to verify the space available.

For example: a medium-sized above-ground swimmingpool needs a minimum of 25mq circa. A pre-fabricated pool involves less environmental impact and ensures us a wider freedom to design it. The construction of a semi pre-fabricated pool is quicker and the construction is much more affordable.

Is it possible to have a water disinfection system without using chemical products?

We all are aware of the fact that water is a preciuos good we must save and recycle. That is why we have chosen those water treatment procedures, which meet chemical and microbiological safety parameters as per provision of the official journal, so as to make it suitable for human use (Read more).

Since over fifty years our firm has specialized in realizing in-ground and above-ground pools. This, togheter with our love and curiosity, has made us become real innovators and creators, who have detected every secret of this beautiful job.

To this day we have realized custom pools for the entire family, for trainings, for relaxation and others for those who love luxury and elegance. You choose the style that better represents yourself by adding the must-have accessories for your brand new pool!